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3 AXES is a Greek company established in 2019. It is an investment advisory firm with geographical focus primarily in Greece and secondarily in the wider region.

3 AXES is sector agnostic, acquiring in depth know how through the cooperation with carefully selected professionals and sector specialists. Seasoned managers, law firms, analysts, headhunters are some of the professionals that together with the multiyear experience of 3 AXES contemplate the optimum teams for each project assumed.

3 AXES footprint is extended through strategic and loyal alliances with quite successful investment boutiques in major financial centers around the globe (UK, US). This way, 3 AXES has at hand a quite powerful toolbox consisting know how, experience and access to sizeable portfolios. Hedge funds, families, private equity firms, corporates, and other specialized institutionals are among the investors that belong to the extended network and are eager to look at any meaningful opportunity. 3 AXES and its partners are here to ensure that any investment case,

  1. is well selected and refined under strict qualitative and quantitative criteria,
  2. will be shown only to the appropriate investors, and
  3. will be handled through a totally discreet procedure

It is important to mention that the name of the firm represents the three basic principles that this business effort is built upon, namely Trust, Commitment and Integrity. 3 AXES believes that this is where it differentiates the most against the biggest part of its competitors. The above three axes are not given in this corner of Europe.

What We Do


3 AXES offers advisory services on M&A, Private Equity and Greenfield Investment interest originating from institutional investors, family portfolios and corporates. The service covers the entire execution chain, from deal origination to closing and funding. Subject to the complexity of each case, 3 AXES has the capacity and intends to cooperate with the extensive network of specialists that maintains in order to use the optimum solution and follow the ideal procedure to deliver the maximum possible result.






Representation of lenders or other stakeholders in order to catalyze change within an organization in a collaborative and constructive way even in complicated and long-standing cases. Representation in Boards of Directors to refine strategy, improvement of corporate governance, establishment or redesigning of the Investor Relations operations are some of the key fields of intervention. If needed and if this is part of the solution, 3 AXES can assume bringing capital as well. 3 AXES acquires know how from valuable collaborations it has developed in this field. 3 AXES’ partners, have deep know how in dealing with special and complicated situations and could offer the service either in or outside Greece.


Evaluation and subsequently restructuring proposals for portfolios consisting private and/or publicly quoted entities. 3 AXES has clearly a value-oriented approach. 3 AXES is leveraging on the multiyear experience it carries in looking at sectors and numerous investment cases in and outside Greece, valuating and managing equity and bond portfolios. 3 AXES has the experience and the means to judge on what can be done in order a portfolio to perform in the most optimum way, of course in the context of a specific mandate. 3 AXES can assist in the execution of the restructuring proposals.




The service includes Strategic Advisory, Evaluation of Strategic Options, Capital Structure Optimization, M&A or Strategic Cooperation Initiatives, Improvements in Corporate Governance, Upgrade of the Relationship with stakeholders be it shareholders or lenders, Improvements in Corporate Governance. The experience 3 AXES has at hand, allows for the successful mapping of the sector a corporate operates in, identification of the prospects that a sector offers, isolation of the competitive advantage a corporate has in order to preserve or win market share, act in order to achieve the optimum capital structure in order to maximize shareholder returns, evaluation of M&A and strategic cooperation scenarios.

Why to cooperate with 3 AXES

3 AXES is an ideal partner for investors that are willing to act in Greece and the wider region


Needless to say, that locality is totally important for investors that wish to invest a considerable size of funds in a peculiar market. This minimizes several risks and the time to delivery.


Quality filtering

Applies strict quality filtering in the investment cases that works on, which is a founding principal and so are integrity and trust.



Processes accumulated know how gained via its multiyear researching and investing over numerous business cases in Greece and the wider region.



Is well connected with selected market participants and professionals to execute in the best possible way.

Who we are

Vassilis Kararizos

Contact details

Vassilis Kararizos

Managing Director

A top-four equity analyst in Europe (5* analyst, Starmine Awards), head of two top notch research departments in Greece, analyst in a regional hedge fund, Mr Kararizos has over 20 years of experience in equity research and investment management with focus in Greece, Eastern Europe and around the Mediterranean Sea.

Prior to 3 AXES, Mr Kararizos acted as management advisor in Greece’s largest construction and infrastructure group, Ellaktor.

Before Ellaktor, Mr Kararizos worked for Icon Fund, a value-focused hedge fund investing primarily in equities, with geographical focus in Eastern Europe and the around the Med Sea. Beyond Greece, Mr Kararizos has acquired extensive experience in equity and debt capital markets, primarily in Russia, Turkey, Romania and Egypt.

Prior to Icon Fund, Mr Kararizos founded and operated Proton Bank’s equity research department – the top-ranked research house for some years in Greece. Prior to his departure, Mr Kararizos was the head of the front offices (research, sales, trading) in the brokerage division of the bank.

Before Proton Bank, Mr Kararizos used to lead IBG’s (Investment Bank of Greece) research department, covering equities in Greece. The department garnered top rankings and he personally ranked 4th analyst in Europe for the accuracy of his EPS estimates (5* Analyst – Starmine Awards).

Prior to IBG, Mr Kararizos started his career as an equity analyst in Eurobank Equities. He was the first pure telecom analyst in Greece and played a key role in the IPO of CosmOTE (Greek mobile telco incumbent).

Mr Kararizos holds a B.Sc in Physics from University of Patras and an MBA from ALBA.

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