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3 AXES is a Greek based company established in 2019. It is an investment advisory firm with geographical focus primarily in Greece and secondarily in the wider region. Among the services offered are

  • Investment Advisory
  • Stakeholder Advisory and Representation
  • Portfolio Restructuring
  • Corporate Advisory

3 AXES is sector agnostic, acquiring in depth know how through the cooperation with carefully selected professionals and sector specialists. Seasoned managers, lawyers, analysts, headhunters are some of the professionals that together with the multiyear experience of 3 AXES contemplate the optimum teams for every project assumed.

3 AXES footprint is extended through the establishment of strategic and loyal alliances with quite successful investment boutiques in major financial centers around the globe (UK, US). This way, 3 AXES has at hand a quite powerful toolbox consisting know how, experience and access to sizeable portfolios. Hedge funds, families and other specialized institutional investors are among the investors that belong to the extended network and are eager to look at any meaningful opportunity. 3 AXES and its partners are here to ensure that any investment case,

  1. a) is well selected and refined under strict qualitative and quantitative criteria,
  2. b) will be shown only to the appropriate investors, and
  3. c) will be handled through a totally discreet procedure

It is important to mention that the name of the firm represents the three basic principles that this business effort is built upon, namely Trust, Commitment and Integrity. 3 AXES believes that this is where it differentiates against the biggest part of its competition. The above three axes are not given in this corner of Europe.